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Meet your customers and associates remotely. 


STEP 1: Planning

  • Theme: One or more speakers? A defined theme ? We recommend focusing on a qualitative objective.
  • Target: Travel agencies? Tour operators? MICE segment? Media? Bloggers?
  • Speakers: Only you? Presence of a partner? We recommend the presence of a tourism, DMC or hotel expert.
  • Date: To be fixed in the very first place in coordination with your speakers. Duration and language are also indications to be taken into account.

STEP 2: Preparation

Your role: Preparation of a presentation in coordination with your speakers.

Our role: 

  • Creation of a Webinar on our dedicated platform;
  • Creation of the invitations and registration forms;
  • Sending of the invitations to our database according to your target via our CRM;
  • Reconfirmation and reminders to the participants;
  • Assisting you as a moderator to introduce yourself and orchestrate the timing.

STEP 3: Webinar

Online communication of maximum one hour.

Two parts: 

  • Your presentation (information on the country, integration and presentation of your partners, your actions and reactions to the Covid-19 situation)
  • Questions and answers phase

In follow-up, we can imagine a 1-to-1 video conference meeting on the most specific points. Then, we will send a thank-you letter including links to the latest newsletters with an online streaming of the webinar for the participants, but also for the absents as a reminder. We usually insert a thank-you gift (a playlist for example) in the thank-you letter.

Our last webinar

Don’t be shy and watch the replay of our last webinar!

Password: kaributanzania


You already have an idea for your next webinar?

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